Thursday, November 2, 2017

What Do You Want The Lord to Say?

I had an amazing blessing from looking at Pastor Marvin Winans, preserving the traditions of the elders on a video. I had that wonderful experience of seeing the elders in our neighborhood testify at service, before the Lord. It was amazing to me, to see the regular guys, who confessed that they had grown up on the streets of NY and God had changed their hearts. I kept saying to myself, if I could just get my daddy to meet one of these guys, he couldn't refute me about Jesus, like he does. God can do it for you, Dad!

Look at Deacon So and So and Elder Such and Such. They got up so beautifully and talked so really about the move of Christ in their lives. I always looked at them with a mix of amazement and incredulity. I had experienced the move of Christ in my life, but my daddy was a very stubborn case of unbelief. He argued and fought me tooth and nail for his faith and the discouragement that I felt when he died, left me kind of neutral to any kind of evangelism of this sort, at least.

Pastor Winans showed me who he is aiming at. The young people need to see this kind of faith. We can't show them this, because we weren't brought up in the street. Those wonderful men are mostly dead or quieted by age. The comfortable and prosperous generation that they fought to protect from their troubadorial street experience, have no clue of the beauty of seeing the tired elder saints who trudged to midweek service to get up before God and thank him for the week's provisions.

Why do we always say, the elder saints would get up and sing a little song, like this...? We were sitting there, in full confidence of our faith. We were wondering, if so and so, would finally talk to us after service,perhaps. {confessing some dual motives for having been at service}But, Brother So and so and Sister Such and Such came after a long day at the daily grind. She had children at home, who were waiting for her and he had responsibilities that were calling to them and they would hush the service with a simple testimony..."What Do You Want the Lord To Say?"

Somehow we don't believe that we can embellish that testomony at all, so we just repeat it. Some things get lost in the translation sometimes, but the truth of their testimonies is what keeps us preaching, these many years later.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Our Sins and what we do with them challenge us to greater intimacy with God. 2 Samuel 24

God's anger was kindled against Israel...
Not really hard to believe. It seems harder to believe that God would weave their intentions and warfare into His goodness and relationship with Him. Pride comes before a fall and the children of Israel walked in stumbling obedience to God and I am glad that He is teaching us through their relationship with Him
David had just come from great victory in prayer and praise and there he is numbering the people. It somehow reminds me of how my mother spoke to us, You want to number something, I will give you something to count. The retribution was a sad and sordid number to count. A choice of how much of what sort to be retaliated and then to have to know the number of recipients of the horrible scourge.
God's amazing condesencion to our low estate. To be entreated in prayer of confession and repentance and anger was an amazing relationship that David had with God. With Saul, it was all about how he looked. "Don't let them think God has departed from me" he entreated Samuel. His relationship was not with God, it was with Samuel, who knew God. David said, "I did a foolish thing, Lord" He had learned in aging not to cover his sins, but to come clean and plead for the mercy of God! None of us have a leg to stand on, before God's anger and righteousness. Still, David shows us growth and love of God in our infirmities, even those infirmities that we bring upon ourselves. How much more God is willing to be entreated and appealed to, than we are to come to Him with our messes.
Lord of Holiness and Mercy, teach me to love You with greater fidelity and hope in Your mercies, Amen. For Jesus' Sake

Friday, October 27, 2017

I am in Awe of David's faith! David knew that "His Redeemer Liveth"

The clarity of David's conscience smiting him, was everywhere. My meditations of God's dealings with David, this time has gleaned much to my soul's profit.

I saw him as flawed and I had dealt with my anger with him on the many levels. Today's reading made him my own soul, as I saw him. I prayed and contemplated that I could see the goodness of God, in the aging of my body.

I can't fight anymore. I can't claim youth or goodness or the victories as being mine, but I can see God's hand leading me all the way. I have lost dear ones, but look how many things I have gained. God's mercy and grace, His victories for His namesake and many people who have saved my life and my face, in too many situations to recount. And last, but certainly not least, Uriah the Hittite{for whose sake countless generations will see the sword in my house, because it was me that killed him} What a confession and what an ownership of the mercy of God!2Samuel 23---David's Counting His Blessings!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

We claim your benevolence and receive Your Mighty condescension into our lives, Lord. a Prayer

You have been so merciful to our lost generation, we are confessing our sins of taking your mercies for granted, Lord!
We are sending a wave of confession and repentance. It is us who are standing in the need of prayer. We have sinned in every way. We do not deserve your mercies that you have bestowed upon us. We have inherited mighty works that our forefathers have done and repayed your mercies by adding to the sins and building a major part of our economy on the murder of innocents. We confess and send you a wave of repentance for these hideous expressions of depravity that we have engaged in. You promised that the blood of Jesus could cleanse the sins to the uttermost and we take you at that Word, Lord Jesus.
We don't want to be those who take your mercies for granted! We want to be those that are redeemed and taken up into the right dealings with You! We don't want to go down, Lord! We want to be those that go up!
You are our only hope! It is clear that we have been the leaders in sin. Help us to be leaders in repentance and cleansing from the most hideous of those sins, the slaughter of the innocents. We pray that you would grant repentance and faith to us and assistance to act in such a manner that exalts Your mercy and your glory! God lift us up, because we are humbly bowing our country and our lives to reflect that we are the imbicels who don't know how to get up from our infirmity. Carry us to the cross, Lord. Be our friend and our redeemer. Be our healing and cleansing. Be our help and our shield! In Jesus' Strong Name. Amen!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Thoughts about the death of Ahithophel{Not falling but rising in wisdom}

 The counsel of Ahithophel,  that shall stand!

When you have lost your identity.   I lost my serve!   I lost my record at doing word puzzles!   I lost my identity..  What are you when you are not who you identified as?   

Are you even a person?
Where will you find your new identity?
What will you do to recoup and regroup e parts of your mind and body that did that one thing?

I don’t know if Ahithophels suicide was a cop out or a realization that his side was bound to lose and early entering into that loss…

No suicide is right or good.   He had time to put his house in order.  The other soldiers on his team were still hinting that God had forsaken David, like he had Saul.   Perhaps that is what having a king means?  Perhaps,  there is a reason that God is not giving us longevity in one family?   The Jews were all struggling with these reasonings?  David is a bloody man and what he did to Saul is being requited.
No, Samuel was In touch with God!

Absalom was the fruit of the sown seeds of adultery and murder that David had sown.   He reaped a horror movie that he couldn’t get out of.

Everybody has a specialization.  Wisdom was Ahithophels. It was followed for years and by responsible people.

The leadership style of Absalom is one to be averted.  Multitude of counsellors, is commendable, but the public demeaning of the counsellors is wrong.   Ahithophels was not senstitive.   He knew that there was a wrong premise that Absalom was following.   Diss the establishment.   Put down anybody of power.   New is not always better.  Young people may follow you, but if you can’t show precidence,  you shouldn’t be trusted.   There was no Lord and Savior who had paid it all for his sins and failures.  He had no counsellor for his soul.  Don’t let that be your dilemma.   If you find yourself on the wrong side of the conflict with God, repent.  Seek His counsel and renewal.  God has many new purposes for wrong starts in people’s lives.  Jesus is the answer! 

This is what I say to myself and to the many wise men who I have seen demoralized in a new aged world that hates wise men!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Am I saved by grace through faith? Learning to look at Romans 1 with John's loving perspective as the backdrop

Romans 11John 2
I am going through Romans and there is not one of the sins mentioned there, that I am not convicted of.
What to do? Am I saved? I must put my trust in Jesus' finished work on my behalf and not on my paltry efforts. I have come to learn this after many years of questioning. I question that my behavior doesn't live up to my profession.
Not unto us, Lord...
He is changing me, I see. But how long will it take before my life adds up to my acceptance of His work. It is lifelong, I am afraid. I would not be deceived, by not even trying. But, as I try and fail, time after time, He picks me up and dusts me off and changes my behavior to the comportment of grace. My forgiveness and my attitudes are lacking, He will step in, I pray and make all grace abound unto me, I trust Him to do that...Ultimately.
Or there is no hope at all!
I must not Fret!!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Mercy in Harvey and Irma's being under a merciful God's full control!

Hurricane season is a time to reflect on the mercy of God, that we live in such a time of God's sustained commitment to His Church. He holds our hands and gives us the opportunity to become longer suffering, in our situation and with the situations of others. He gives us the opportunity to show mercy, if we have means and the opportunity to receive human mercy, if we are not.

Each year, we see them come and go. This year they seem so intense and yet the mercy that we are enabled, by technology to see them developing, long enough ahead to do some real preparations and have real effort in their lessening human fatality and greater losses. This is so great a mercy and Heaven when we die, if we are attached to Him, as well. It seems too good to be true.

Are we truly humble and penitent in our responses to these treacherous circumstances? Are we really bowing the knee to a Holy God who is showing us mercy and giving, day after day? Are we exalting in our ability to hoard our resources and ride another one out in safety? Perhaps, even then, "Our Father's forgiving is only begun". We are weak, O Lord. We rejoice, when we should be wailing and complain and whine over the smallest inconveniences. Is the Spirit willing to submit all to Christ? Is the flesh really that weak that we have counted our inconvenience so great again? Only God knows our hearts.

I see Him taking His Church as a little girl on His Holy knee and asking if we are learning to show compassion rightly, yet? Are we growing hospitals to do what they are supposed to? Are we there with a cup of cold water, in Jesus' Name? Or are we hiding from responsibility, as we are wont to do? Are we showing forth the good and holy attributes of God, in crisis? Or, are we succumbing to the accusing voice of the adversary, who makes us think it is our ingenuity that has kept us from greater calamity?

It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not! Great is His faithfulness.
Great are our presumptions in these days of great advances on every sphere. May we shine forth Jesus, as individuals and churches and cities, countries and world. May we take His hand and learn to "do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God. May we show forth the glory of the God who "sent His Son into the world not to condemn the world, but that the world, through Him might be saved". In Jesus' Strong Name, Amen.
He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater; He sendeth more strength when the labors increase. To added affliction He addeth His mercy; To multiplied trials, His multiplied peace.

Refrain: His love has no limit, His grace has no measure, His pow'r has no boundary known unto men; For out of His infinite riches in Jesus, He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again!

When we have exhausted our store of endurance, When our strength has failed ere the day is half done, When we reach the end of our hoarded resources, Our Father's full giving is only begun.